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Tarnation your thoughts

Thank you so much for pointing me toward this Fury story! I know you didn’t mean for me to get a “wild hare” (or is that “wild hair”?) and just go charging out to Arizona at the drop of your not-inconsequential hat, but that’s exactly what I did. The story runs deeper than you could have known—or the sketchy reference books say, for that matter—and I found a number of the participants still alive and kicking, and best of all, talking!

As you know, the story actually begins long before the events you provided me to spin into literary fodder. They begin in 1866, when famed wagon master Jedediah Fury was hired by a small troupe of travelers to lead them west, from Kansas City to California. Jedediah was accompanied on this mission by his twenty-year-old son, Jason, and his fifteen-year-old daughter, Jenny, they being the last of his living family after the Civil War. Jedediah was no newcomer to leading pilgrims west. He’d been traveling those paths since after the War of 1812.

The train, which contained livestock in the form of a number of saddle horses and breeding stock, a greater deal of cattle, goats, and hogs (mostly that of Hamish MacDonald and the Morton families) and, of all things, a piano owned by the Milchers left for the West in the spring of 1866. It was led by Fury, with the help of his three trusty hirelings. I could only dig up one of the names, here: a Ward Wanamaker, who later became the town’s deputy until his murder several years later (which follows herein).

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