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Merlins empires

Вам нравится красивая и простая кооперативная игра Тени над Камелотом ? Вы не прочь взять на себя роль рыцаря круглого стола и разбить в пух и прах всех, кто посягнёт на безопасность древнего замка? Тогда обязательно обратите внимание на дополнение к игре Shadows over Camelot: Merlin’s Company . Дополнение исправляет некоторые недостатки игры и привносит пару новых элементов. Тег «Далее»

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Fleetlord Atvar strode briskly into the command station of the invasion fleet bannership 127th Emperor Hetto. Officers stiffened in their seats as he came in. But for the way his eye turrets swiveled in their sockets, one to the left, the other to the right, he ignored them. Yet had any been so foolish as to omit the proper respect, he would have noticed-and remembered.

Shiplord Kirel, his body paint less elaborate only than Atvar’s, joined him at the projector. As Atvar did every morning, he said, “Let us examine the target.” Kirel served the fleetlord by touching the control with his own index claw. A blue and gray and white sphere sprang into being, a perfect representation of a life-bearing world floating in space.

All the officers turned both eyes toward the hologram. Atvar, as was his custom, walked around the projector to view it from all sides: Kirel followed him. When they were back where they had begun, Atvar ran out a bifurcated tongue. “Cold-looking place,” the fleetlord said, as he usually did. “Cold and wet.”

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